Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Does it depress anyone else to see a cash advance type of business anywhere in Nevada? What does that picture paint?

It is aimed at someone living paycheck to paycheck, risking getting a cash advance so they can attempt to (most likely) gamble with that money and win big (which they won't) and get out of debt (assuming they are in major debt, because why else risk taking out a cash advance?). The real heart breaker is knowing that by taking out this advance they are just going to sink deeper and deeper into debt, and this means that next time they are just going to try harder and harder until credit companies have taken everything from them.

Debt is something that is not easily escaped from. Credit card companies actually search out young, or poor people to send credit applications to. Why would they do this--because they are so nice? Because those people are less likely to be able to pay off their bills, and credit companies make more money off of people who attempt to pay off bills than people who can successfully pay off bills.

What a great system we have in place--being tricked as young kids into using credit cards so that we are trapped in debt forever.

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