Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Squatter's Rights

So right now I am living in a house that I have not signed a contract to live in. I am still paying rent--albeit through someone who has signed a contract--so the landlord really shouldn't care either way. However, I still have the number of a good moving company just in case he decides to act like a jerk.

Actually I am not too worried. The landlord never comes around, and even if he did I can just lie like crazy. Perfect plan. However, I will still probably keep the number to that moving company just in case something bad does happen. Man, I would be so bummed if that happened; where would I go? Denver? Nah, I don't even know anything about that place other than what they say about it on South Park.

I vow to never call a moving company; enough of this flip-flopping. If the landlord decides to come and kick me out, I will invoke my squatter's right and stay in that place until the police are called and I am literally removed. After I get out of jail I will just live in the woods or something--I haven't really thought about this plan that far into the future.

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