Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Insurance From Me

Who needs an entire insurance agency system? I could be all the insurance a person could ever need. Oh, you got into a car accident? fix it! Your house burned down? Move! Everyone else is really just over-thinking the problem.

After a while my one-man insurance show would turn into a massive insurance agency system of me--the world can start giving me its thanks any time now. It should be obvious that people don't need money to fix their problems--they just need a little confident advice. "You know my beautiful car was demolished, but I just got off the phone with some guy and he told me not to worry about it... And I don't think I'm going to." That is practically a true story too, and that could be you someday very soon.

If we still used the barter system--which is another thing that I plan on changing--we would have no problems. If you smashed someone's car and didn't have the money to fix it a little, then just pay them in trade. Anyone who refuses a decent set of furniture or tuba lessons should just be content with their smashed up car anyway--they sound pretty selfish as it is.

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