Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The System Is on Trial

Whenever people in movies (or real life, I guess) say things like, "I am going to put the SYSTEM on trial!" what system are they talking about? Maybe like an insurance agency system? That doesn't make a lot of sense, but I guess that is what people are getting so mad about.

Not that I even know what an insurance agency system is, but I do know that people would love to put it on trial. I don't know what this system did to make everyone so mad, but people are mad, and they have lawyers. Putting a system on trial sounds like the kind of case that should be on TV--I would watch Judge Judy yell at an entire system of anything; an agency system, a solar system, etc.

Without knowing what The System did to make all of these people so mad, I can't really pick a side. I wish that the people filing the suit would come out with a public, formal complaint so we could all judge for ourselves whether or not this system is really guilty of something horrible, or if the people suing are just looking for some money. Man, the law is really confusing.

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