Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spiderman Uses hCG

There are many ways to become a hero: cure a disease, free a village, win someone's heart, and taking hCG shots are just a few of the many possibilities. Remember that old lady in Spiderman 2 who kept telling Peter, "I believe there's a hero in all of us"? Well I do, and she drove me crazy, because I already know that!

Peter Parker was a hero, but he never took any hCG shots; he got an injection from a radioactive spider, which is pretty much the same thing. Think about it: He gets the spider bite (read: hCG injection), doesn't feel great for a night, and then wakes up the next morning with a six-pack. If that isn't a metaphor for hCG diet injections then I don't know what is.

His crazy old aunt was right about there being heroes in all of us, because we all have the capacity to go on a diet and get cute. What is more heroic than strolling down the street lookin' all skinny and sweet? Literally nothing is more heroic than that--this is not up for debate. Get out there and do your part to make society a better place. Don't worry, no one expects you to save a village--we don't even have those in this country anyway.

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