Monday, October 18, 2010

I Should Have Posted a GIF

I recently heard that creating a website in photoshop is becoming more and more popular than using html coding. My expertise in photoshop is restricted to animated GIFs and glitter graphics, so I am having a hard time thinking of a great website that could actually be created with photoshop (ed. note: A website of nothing but animated Gifs and glitter graphics would easily be the best website on the internet).

Let's be honest with ourselves: I don't really know anything about the internet or what makes it work, so this post would be better written by someone with a little more expertise. As far as I am concerned the internet is entirely made up of magic. I am only intelligent when it comes to things that can be interpreted in a million different ways--where concrete answers aren't necessary (the best loophole right?).

It's only the third paragraph and I am already completely off topic. Should I try to get back into something how photo shop websites are changing the face of all web design? It's too late now; we have forked off the road in a way that cannot be undone. Stay tuned and I will try to write this post over with a little more hustle and flow.

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