Friday, October 1, 2010

Gun Stuff

Why don't we have a little conversation about gun control? I know that guns are bad; we all know that right? Right. However, that is not what needs to be considered when thinking about gun control; immediate danger is not what is being debated. When we think of people who are against strict gun laws we think of guys holding a Dallas shotgun or a Dallas pistol, and that is not the right image.

Think about this: If private citizens were no longer allowed to have guns (getting guns off streets right?) think about which groups of people would still have guns. The police would still have their guns, and criminals would still have guns. A law does not prevent things, it only makes them illegal. People need to have guns to protect themselves from both the government and from criminals, because they will never be without their firearms.

Also consider this: being allowed to conceal a weapon is a law that benefits people who don't even have guns. If a criminal is going to mug someone in an area where this is legal, they must consider it before attacking. Sure the guys with their Dallas shotguns act nuts, but don't associate only them with the side that is anti-gun control.

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