Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitchen Stuff

It is no secret that my kitchen is a fat mess, but I wish it were. I used to try and keep it clean, but there is really no way to combat that dirty forces that live with me--no offense, dudes. There has to be something I can do, but I can't find the right item.

Somebody once suggested a kitchen utensil holder, but I immediately thought, "Oh yeah, what we need is one more thing to clutter it up--thank you for the idea." Something like a kitchen utensil holder is for people who have their kitchen pretty together already. Getting something fancy to hold all our utensils is like step seventy on the list of ways to making the kitchen not disgusting.

I lived alone for a long time so maybe I am just not used to having other people to clean up after, or with. My plan for the moment is to be at home as little as possible. I work in the mornings, study in random places throughout the day, and then just try to come home to sleep. One day if I come home and the kitchen looks nice I will consider getting some kind of utensil apparatus for our pad--but don't hold your collective breath, readers.

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