Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sub Par Post; I Can Admit It

At the moment my car is in no need of any auto repair--knock on wood. Knowing that your car has all of its necessary fluids and meters running right is a great feeling. And on the other hand, needing auto repair is the worst feeling.

We are all pretty dependent on our cars, and when they break down it basically shatters our collective universe. We need them for everything; we even drive our cars distances that could much more easily be walked. And what about traveling somewhere far away, like to Boise? forget it. Nobody would know how to get anywhere without their, or someone else's, car. maybe there will come a time when everyone gets so sick of auto repair that they will just let their vehicles fall to the wayside and we can all stop worrying about it.

Even though my car is working great, I still consider getting rid of it all the time. I just think that life might be a little less complicated and expensive if we didn't all have cars. True we wouldn't get anywhere as fast, but that just means we'd all have to plan our lives out a little better--and miss a little more TV. Wah.

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