Monday, October 4, 2010


Ever since I have read, seen, and played Scott Pilgrim, I can't stop thinking about Canada. Just the other day I needed to go to the dentist, and I was thinking, "Hey! I should find the best Toronto dentist and see what they have to offer." This is an obviously terrible idea, so I ended up not doing it, but the thought still shows an unhealthy amount of obsession.

The "Toronto Dentist" incident is not a lone moment. I have recently been playing more video games, starting more bands, and trying to get in fights every time I see someone who has change in their pockets. The first two aren't so strange for me, but the last one is kind of out there. Maybe I just find the story so relatable that I want to make every aspect a part of my life.

Maybe it's time someone had an intervention with me. But be warned: Just because I am making the suggestion does not mean that I want it to happen. If you try to remove these things from my life, you should know that I will not let them go quietly, and I will not stop fighting everyone with coins--this could mean YOU. I changed my mind, I am going to the Toronto dentist TODAY.

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