Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Best Waitress

A few weeks ago I went to a sushi bar by myself, and I had the best waitress ever. I should start this off by saying that most waitresses in the sushi bar (in every sushi bar, as far as I'm concerned) are all self-proclaimed babes who expect to get tips for being chatty and cute. That is fine lady, just not for me.

This waitress I had pretty much left me alone unless I clearly needed something. She never really said anything to me other than common courtesies. I left her a big tip to let her know that she did the right thing by leaving me alone.

It is an insult to both men and women to assume that I am go to pay someone for flirting with me. The waitresses shouldn't expect to get extra money just for being cute, and customers (read: men) shouldn't feel the pressure of leaving a bigger tip based on how many times the waitress touched their shoulder.

In the coming months I might move to Seattle or somewhere near there. All I can hope for is that the city is full of waitresses who didn't get the job based on their love of the merit versus action system. Two shoulder touches deserves a 50% tip. Yeah right.

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