Thursday, August 12, 2010

American Jobs

Auto repair is seen as not only an American job, but also as a job that requires great integrity and grit. This stereotype is in the heads of most Americans when they hear that someone's father was a mechanic--his honest labors helped raise the family that you know. However, do we really think that about people who work at auto repair shops? Most of us hate going to the mechanic's because we always think the mechanic is trying to swindle us.

So why do we have this image in our heads about the integrity of the old auto repair industry? For one, we remember that our parents come from a golden time when families were the perfect size and everyone drank Coke and didn't have any problems. Alongside that was the booming, and American, auto industry. Companies like Ford and Chevy became synonymous with national pride. So in a few short leaps we see that mechanics are some of the truest patriots who ever lived. Weird right?

Anyway, a lot of us get swindled when we go to the auto repair shop. Even in a quiet town like Boise, I'm sure that is happens fairly regularly. Just watch for yourself when you're at the mechanic's, and when you're trying to accurately remember history.

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