Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Company Name Ever

Let's say you want to start some kind of diamond business. You are well aware of the beauty that comes from diamonds, and that they are seen by many as the pinnacle of beauty in the natural world. You are going to need to name your company something extremely powerful--something that simply destroys the names of other companies when they are compared.

The names needs to represent the END of all other diamond companies, as well as sound powerful with a strong corporate dynamic. Are you ready? Omega Stones Enterprises. That is it. That name is like a 500 lb football player who can run at 60 mph down the field, just demolishing whatever gets in his way. "Oh no. Number 16--that's Omega Stones Enterprises! He has just knocked that heads off of five other players, and even a few from his own team!" Triumph.

If you ever come across a jewelry company with that name, do yourself a favor and buy whatever they tell you. If they offer you a Samuel Clerk Diamond don't tell them that it doesn't sound real, just smile and hand them blank checks. You will be glad you did when you leave the mall with your head still attached.

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