Monday, August 16, 2010

Gutter Blockage

When it comes to the rainy season, you need to make sure that your gutters are all cleaned and ready to point your runoff in the right direction. Without these cleaned gutters, water will flow off your roof in strange places and probably soak you. Nobody wants to get soaked as they are leaving the house, so get up there and clean that stuff out.

It's pretty much just leaves and gunk anyway. In movies and on TV they always portray cleaning the gutters and the worst possible job, but there is no way that's true. What you need a ladder to do it? Big deal. Climb the roof and do it from the topside--everyone loves climbing the roof. Plus while you are up there you can throw the crud from the gutters onto people from your household as they walk under you. When they get mad you can just say, "Aren't you glad that happened now instead of during a rainstorm!?" They will thank you for the object lesson, and start to help you.

Whether you live n New York or Minneapolis, your gutters are going to get dirty--maybe not in New York if you live in a complex. Either way, don't let any gutter junk fall on you.

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