Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be Tough, No Lawyers

If you have ever hired a personal injury attorney, you need to toughen up. When I was a little kid someone hit my mom's car and spun us around--I think I hit my head. Either way, the point is that I didn't sue that guy. I was a tough baby, so why is it so hard for adults to be tough?

It seems like every time an adult spills coffee on their leg or has a rough napkin they cry to a lawyer and try to get some money. Hiring a personal injury attorney for something like that is frivolous and obnoxious. Hopefully the judge will throw all of you in jail for being so rude to society. Actually, it should be your attorney's job to say, "You are being a jerk; please leave my office before I sue you."

Whether you live in Dallas or any other random city in the country, watch out for people and their frivolous law suits. Don't hire a personal injury attorney just because you think you have a chance to get some money. The law is supposed to be for killers and the like--seriously who cares if someone dinged your Hummer? I never will. I promise.

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