Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Kids as Rich Adults

Most of the cars I buy are worth about fifty dollars. One of the benefits of this not worrying about fixing the car, or keeping it in good shape. If the car starts making a weird noise, I'll just keep driving it until it will never work again, and then buy another one. However, if I were a rich guy then I would have to worry about BMW repair work and the like.

If my super fancy car started making a bad noise, I would have to check it out right away or risk the consequence of devaluing my car like fifty thousand dollars. This is bumming me out just thinking about it. BMW service for a car probably wouldn't be cheap either. They know you spent a ton on your car, so why wouldn't you spend a ton on making sure it stays in great shape? What a scary cycle to be a part of.

Even in you live in a place like Greesboro, the BMW repair shops and dealers would not let you escape with cheap services. They know you need your car to stay in great shape, otherwise all your business contacts will think you are dumb--like the kid on the playground with hand-me-down jeans, and they won't play with you ever again.

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