Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Kiss Someone Nice

Here are the top reasons to not enter a sex shop:

1. The people in there will all be pretty weird and gross, so don't feel bad if you never get to meet them (I am talking more about the customers than the employees).
2. The products will all make you feel like an idiot. In case you didn't know, they are all pretty much made for people with the sexual advancement of a thirteen year-old.
3. Those are two pretty great reasons to not enter the sex shop, or buy sex toys.
4. Guess how much sex costs? It's free, dude--go home.
5. I pretty much just want to repeat all of these reasons one more time, but I will spare you the repetition.

Whether you live in Toronto or Kitchener (haha), there is probably a sex shop withing a few miles of your home. Just take my word for it--Don't google it or try to see if I am right because it will just bum you out. If you feel the need to do something extravagant and exciting, just go look at some art, or eat some fancy food. In fact, go find and kiss someone nice, because that person definitely is not a toy.

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