Monday, August 23, 2010

Son, You'll Be a Dentist

There is a large debate in the world over the most unsung Steve Martin role. I could debate that issue right here, but I would rather just state my favorite, small Martin roll and then back it up. His role as the dentist in the 1986 version of Little Shop of Horrors, easily takes my vote. The dentist is already such a strange character, and bringing someone like Steve Martin to the role was a great idea.

For one, we hardly every get to hear him singing in movies, and this movie is a full-on musical--not just a few songs like in Three Amigos. For another thing, the dentist is a villain, and Martin is usually too lovable to play anything but a jerk, at most. However, as the dentist, his pipes and physical demeanor do well to make the role both entertaining and disturbing.

I think the movie takes place in Spring Hill FL (no it doesn't), and follows the story of a plant who craves blood to survive. Martin's dentist is a glutton for dishing out pain, and learns at a young age that he will probably have to become a dentist--makes sense to him. If you haven't this version of the musical, do yourself a fat favor and check it out.

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