Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Video Game Idea

If I ever make my own video game it's going to be called Kill Devil Hills. That way it sounds like a million other games out there--all scary, terrifying, and violent games. However, my game will be based after the actual town of Kill Devil Hills, which is just a small beach community.

The game will mostly feature lounging and relaxing. Your character will just walk around on the beach and enjoy the sun. One of the challenges will be trying to book vacation rentals before you arrive--but it won't be too hard, I don't want to compromise the integrity of the game. Then, after days and days of gameplay your character will finally go swimming. And when you are in the water a shark will eat you--it's not going to be a challenge or a level, that is just how the game is going to end.

I hope all the gamers out there will learn a valuable lesson about wasting your time on pointless video games, as well as wasting time doing real life things like booking for vacations rentals, and walking around doing nothing. My games are going to change the world, and you'd all better be ready to deal with it.

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