Monday, August 30, 2010

Diamonds vs Ice

When jewelers or rappers refer to diamonds as "ice," what is the implication? We are all well aware that diamonds and ice are two completely different compounds that share no similarities. The obvious connection is that they kind of look the same, but even that is a stretch.

Perhaps a lot of jewelers are sick diamonds, so they are trying to degrade them by referring to them as ice in order to, over the course of several years, phase them out of the public eye. Or, perhaps I am wrong it is the other way around. Maybe people feel that ice is not getting the credit it deserves, so they are sneakily trying to get a little more positive attention to it. Before long people will be saying things like, "It is so hot; I need a drink with some DIAMONDS in it."

Whatever the reason is, jewelers ranging from Reno to Las Vegas will be putting ice on their shelves--which kind of ice do I mean!? That is for the jewelers to decide. Either diamonds are on the way out, or ice is on the rise. Choose a side, buy some stocks, and hope that you made the right decision.

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