Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gambling Problem

Are you in Nevada and need to gamble really bad? I would assume the problem is that you had some money, but you lost it all gambling and now you are thinking that you will win it all back. Well the best is just to get a cash advance.

Don't worry about the stuff you saw is movies like Casino--loan sharks are no big deal. Not that getting a cash advance is the same thing as a loan shark--they have different names! But whatever you do, don't stop gambling, because that is what a quitter would do. You aren't a quitter are you?

Riddle me this: If people are supposed to win tons of money gambling, then how is it still a business? It is obvious that if people won money, the house would lose money, and this business would have ended long ago. This means that you will rarely win at all, because if the customer normally won, then nobody would get into the gambling business. Should I repeat and re-word it again--are you paying attention? No? Fine, just head to the cash advance place and be careful with how much money you actually take out. This is not a sarcastic warning either--please be careful.

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