Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Modest Might Be Hottest

It makes sense, no matter the cultural background you come from, to wear a modest wedding dress. If you are thinking, "Dude, I'm liberated. I don't need to conform to any standards that a male dominated society sees fit." Really cool, but just by being a bride in a wedding you are conforming to a weird traditions so get over yourself.

This is the one day when you will see all of your family and your husband's family--never again will you all be like this. So for many for many of them this will be the only impression they get of you. If you're wedding gown is a little trashy then all they will ever think is, "Oh, good for Dan--at least his wife is going to put out." NO WAY. Dress smart. Be who you are, and don't be represented by what you wear. This doesn't mean wear something that doesn't represent you at all--which is how most people foolishly try to prove this point. They think, "No one is going to judge ME by what I wear, so I'm going to wear jean shorts to my wedding." Well when you dress like that, it is just saying, "I am not defined by my clothes--you can tell I'm based on what I'm wearing." Get real.

In places like Utah, Modest wedding dresses are common, and that is fine--it is a generally modest place. But elsewhere modesty is still a good idea--if there is nothing to look at perverts will leave you alone, and people who are interested will be so because of what you have to say. Of course if you all you have to offer is how you look then disregard this post.

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