Monday, August 9, 2010

Nothing's Free in Waterwold, or on The Internet

If you see the phrase "free website analysis," what would you do if you needed that service? Sure it says that it's free, but we are all smart enough to know that nothing on the internet is really free. It's just a brand of local internet marketing that is designed to get you to a website and not a free service.

So how does this effect companies who really do want to give something away for free? To be sure, even when a company does give something away for free it is still a form of advertising, but when there are no strings attached other than service it is a much better process. Now it is clear that the companies only feigning free offers and causing hesitation and reluctance in customers are hurting the companies who are genuinely trying to give things away. They are hoping that your need for the service will outweigh your reluctance to click the add.

So if you see an ad for free website analysis, think about it: Does it look like no strings will be attached (based on surrounding spam, or the type of site you found it on)? or does it look like spam, but the service is something you need badly enough to check it out and see? Either way it's easy to avoid being scammed on the internet, so I say just click everything you see.

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