Friday, August 6, 2010

Party Limo

The limousine and the limousine services of the world have something historically built-in that no other vehicle company has: a history of awesome partying. The tour bus is a close competitor, but those were mostly binge vehicles for dirty rock stars. The Limousine is for the elite, so when they party in one, it is a fancy and hip party.

Remember what kind of drug people in limousines do? That's right, cocaine. This is both good and bad because, despite being a very rich and posh drug, it is also a super 80's drug that no one is really into anymore. But at the time when this drug was at the pinnacle of decadence, partying in a limo and doing a little blow meant that you were part of the cultural elite.

I'm not saying you should head out to Washington DC, call up a limousine service and start partying. I'm just saying that it's important to remember our own history, and what awesome parties we have thrown in the past. A limo service is just the first in many steps to throwing a killer party--you could even make it an 80's theme party if your guests are aware historically accurate car jokes. Give everyone a night to remember in your rented limousine.

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