Friday, August 6, 2010


I was just wondering: When I see a beautiful movie star I think, "Wow I am so in live with her, but I know we will never meet." So what does a gay person think in that same situation? "I am so in love with Edward Norton, but I know we'll never meet... and even if we did he isn't gay." That can be pretty heartbreaking, but good news is just around the corner. You should know that all actors are gay!

Just log into any random gay chat, or muscle chat website to see if they pop up on there. I bet it happens all the time. If you don't believe that most movie stars are gay, just look closer. Not only do they exhibit all the homosexual stereotypes that exist, but then respected actors like Tom Hardy from Inception, say things like, "... of course I've had sex with men, I'm a [bleeping] actor!" in interviews.

Leave it to an actor to out the whole community at once. But seriously Tom hardy is cool. Did you see Bronson? He'll blow your mind. I bet he loves hitting different gay chat websites and saying lines from his movies. Actually he wouldn't--he went on to say in the interview that it was an experimental stage and he has calmed down a lot in his older age. Whatever.

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