Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meta-Blog #2

Okay so the fourth wall is down again for a moment.

So this entry supposed to be about a law firm--pretty standard stuff to be honest. However, the words I am supposed to use are personal injury attorney--which again, are fine--but the name of the actual site is the RAD law firm. How is that not your promotion!? As someone who doesn't know anything about the law, like most other people, I would assume, what do lawyers think I am basing my representation on? Pretty much anything that holds my attention for more than two seconds.

You had me at rad. I'm sure you are a great personal injury attorney, and that will be good for me after I hire you, but knowing that you are "rad" right off the bat is all I really need. "A car hit me and my arm is broken? I am going to need a rad attorney for this one." I just wrote you a commercial.

There should be a lot more rad attorneys out there, but the only ones I know of are in Dallas right now. If anyone out there knows of any others please tell me about them.

PS. I promise that this is the only blog about this company that I will write this way, but I really couldn't pass up the opportunity.

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