Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Discover Partying

Atlanta--easily the most commonly talked about city on this blog. Previously covered topics include: partying, results of partying, where to store your partying gear, and so on. What other aspects of partying could there possibly be to discuss? Not only is the well on topics not dry, but there are almost too many to choose from. The first and most obvious one is the clearing of land for epic-scale parties. Obviously.

First, find the right piece of land. Anything with nature on it will do--partying topples nature every time. Second, call some tree services and landscaping companies to scorch the Earth. Make sure you go to watch as the trees are cut down--this will give you a sense of dominion over nature, and then your parties will feel much more confident and tough.

There is so much partying in Atlanta that it's going to be hard to get noticed, and that is why something drastic like clearing land and tree services are so vital. Show the people at your party that nothing will stand between you and having a good time. You are the Christopher Columbus of partying, and everything else is a native population that needs to make way.

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