Monday, August 23, 2010

Costco Limo

There are a lot of reasons to use a limousine service--rides to the airport, looking impressive on the way to business meetings, and going to the prom are just a few of the common uses of a limousine service. However, I would like to suggest a more practical reason to rent a limo: Shopping at Costco.

Anyone who has ever been inside of a Costco already understands what I am talking about. No other store has more gigantic items, and having a lot of extra space in your car is the key to getting everything you need. Pretty much everything in Costco is in bulk, right? But many of us just buy a few items and not everything on our grocery list--we go to other stores for certain items. This way everyone could buy everything they need, and be stocked for months! These more infrequent shopping trips will negate the cost of the limousine service.

Whether you live in San Marcos or Orange County use this advice when you head to your nearest Costco. Buy up all the massive items your little heart desires, and fill your house with delicious bulk foods for months to come. You really might like using the limo more than you think--or the same amount, I don't really know. Just try it is all I'm saying

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