Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I know, I know.

Sex Toys--is this really the phrase that someone decided to use when describing adult sexual accessories? No one has "toys" after the age of ten--until we are old enough to get down, and then all of sudden we have sex toys. Doesn't that make everything seem a little too... childish for what it really is?

We aren't ten year-olds trapped in an adult's body--We don't need companies to call sexual items "toys" to keep us from feeling guilty about buying them. They really do make everything seem like it's some kind of novelty or game. It's like saying, "These things are only ok if you buy them in a semi-ironic way." Sexual "abnormality," as it were, has to a be a half joke, because if it is seen just an addition to sexual pleasure in a non-traditional way, society will be pretty bummed.

It isn't like I love the sex shop or anything--in fact they are pretty obnoxious. And the reason for this is because their sex toys make the customers look like weird children. Perhaps the use of the word "toy" is more appropriate than I originally thought, I just wish that it wasn't that way--it is pretty patronizing.

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