Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Devil-Town Pioneer Prank

History is full of unsung funny people. For instance, the people who were settling new areas must have had great senses of humor when they named towns things like Kill Devil Hills. In fact that one is so funny because it doesn't sound like anyone would ever name their own town that, so it must have been some kind of prank.

Two towns over, there were probably some guys thinking, "That new city by the beach is getting way bigger than ours. Jones, You go over there and run for mayor, when you get elected name it something ridiculous. That will teach them." So Jones, probably, was the one who named the city Kill Devil Hills, making it impossible for anyone to ever have any kind of vacation rentals there. Who would rent them? The Devil?

Either way it was a good practical joke (if my guess at history is accurate, which I believe it is). The vacation rentals available in Kill Devil Hills are probably struggling all the time. Now the joke should be that we all go there all the time and start loving the name of that city. That will teach our forefathers a lessons about being funny guys.

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