Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Biker Babies

I live near Salt Lake City, and the people where I live are really loving their Harley Motorcycles. I know that they love them because I can hear them roaring around the streets all the time. It's obvious that bikers think they are pretty cool, but sometimes you just have to wonder: Did they ever grow out of that phase where they screamed when no one was paying attention to them?

A loud Harley Davidson is the adult equivalent of a child standing on a diving board and yelling, "MOM! MOOOM!! WATCH ME! MOM! YOU AREN'T WATCHING!" Needless to say, it can get pretty annoying. While a mother has the ability to quiet her child or fulfill their need for attention, the biker's need can never be filled. Perhaps this was caused by a mother who never looked and saw the biker-child perform a swan dive; they are all destined to screech down the streets, attempting to fill that void by making the rest of us stare at them whenever they drive by.

Salt Lake is just one place in the country where this is happening. It would be hard to find a city that didn't have this problem in some way. All we can do is try to look at the bikers and smile, maybe give them a pat on the head and say, "Oh, look you at you. That is such a nice Harley. You are driving a motorcycle, aren't you? Here's a juice." We must all do our part in bettering society.

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