Monday, August 30, 2010

Two fat Kittens in one Day

There are a million ways to lose weight. However, only like three of those ways are safe. Those three ways are also known as the SLOW ways, so don't even worry about them. What you need is a diet that will start working in fifteen minutes and drop you to your lowest survival weight.

What you need to do is buy hCG and some hCG shots--there is no better way to take a weight loss hormone taken from pregnant women than by injecting it directly into your bloodstream. Those other diets are like, "Take these pills and never eat again." But you should question that diet by asking, "What--I don't have to inject anything? That sounds like a scam to me." Stick with what works: the hormones of pregnant ladies used as nature intended.

Do any of use have time to lose weight? No way--I have reality TV to watch! I need to drop thirty pounds in the next eighty-five seconds or I will throw a fit. If you can relate to what I just said, then hCG diet injections are for you, and probably for everyone you know. If you stay fat for even one more day, the Earth will throw you into space as a result of her disgust.

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