Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be Cool

If you are in the market for massage therapists, just be cool about it. That is to say, act normal, because massage therapists probably get the worst customers. Think about how many weird dudes show up to those places who haven't been touched by anyone in like two years. I'm sure most of the workers knew what they were getting into when they started taking classes, but still, don't you think it would be nice for them to get a normal customer every once in a while? They work in places like Miami, Los Angeles, and New York where everyone loves to party and get what they want. That breeds a bossy and cocky customer.

If you are in the business of giving massages then you need to be professional as well. Every time you act poorly, or even jokingly perpetuate the gross stereotypes that come with massages, you are only opening the door for weird customers to act as inappropriate as possible.

Most people are probably reading between the lines and think that I am only talking about male customers and female massage therapists--good call, because I am. That's really the only time this issue would come up, so don't act like I'm being gender biased by saying that guys act like perverts and girls tend to go to massage school. The point that matters is to be careful and act normal--the two best things.

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