Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Truth about Sports Bars

So there is a really strange sports bar near where I live. I said "strange" as if only this one sports bar is strange--it is obvious that all of them are. Anyway, most people should know why a bar for sports is weird, so I am going to spend some time talking about why they are interesting.

For one it is like being at the people zoo. It is the only place in the state of Utah that I have even seen Jersey party boys, not to mention the strongest guys in my city, as well as the richest. All of them together cheering and jeering their favorite teams. It actually almost brings a tear to my eye seeing all of these awful groups of people coming together and not trying to get into bar fights--oh wait, that's exactly what happens.

"You Lookin' for trouble?"

Whether you live in a sports city like Boston, or any number of the boring, sport-less cities in Utah, the sports bar is a pretty exciting place to be. I haven't mentioned watching sports yet, because most of the time that isn't very exciting. The World Cup is over so what do I care? Oh, no one can stop Kobe? Big deal.

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