Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stop Meeting People Online

Whatever happened to being confident and tough? Instead of heading out into the world to meet people, everyone is at home, terrified on their computers. Meeting people on a straight or gay chat website is not real. If you ever meet someone online, no matter how normal they seem, guess what? The red flag of weirdness is that they meet people online. Duh.

Anyone can act confident when they are talking to an inanimate LCD screen, and you should be able to tell that they aren't really as normal as they seem--if they were they wouldn't need to meet people on a computer. But at this point in history no one who is into web-relationships is ever going to come back to reality.

So go off and enjoy your muscle chat site. Make sure everyone you meet is based off their profile and how they look first. Getting to know someone is about learning all the things they want to you know right away--not mentioning if they are true or not, and leaving out all the bad qualities. Haven't you ever met someone who starts telling you want kind of person they are right away? Common sense tells us to never talk to that person again, yet that is exactly what every person on the internet does just by having a profile on any kind of website. Let alone a gay chat website (just needed one more).

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