Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion is not Art

Designer clothes, designer purses, and other types of expensive fashion are a mystery to me. Not because people will shell out a lot of money for these items--some people just get their self-worth from spending large amounts of money on themselves--but rather I do not understand how the fashion industry continues to thrive as a form of artistic expression.

Creating a designer handbag that costs thousands of dollars is absolutely worthless to society. Clearly the cost comes from the mind of the person who created it, and they believe it is so well designed that the cost is accurate. You are ridiculous. The existence of the fashion industry is one thing, but the idea that fashion is some form high art--or art at all--is awful. Look at the other aspects of fashion: Fashion photographers? They depend on the beauty of the models and clothing as something that makes their pictures beautiful--that is the equivalent of someone wearing a shirt with a funny quote on it so people will think they are clever. Putting a quote on a shirt doesn't make you funny, and a pretty girl isn't pretty in a picture because of the photographer. And what about models? Don't get me started. Getting something for doing nothing is one thing, but to feel like you are creating some kind of art at the same time? Fall off the Earth.

It is an industry of gluttons and and false creativity. Remember that the next time you want to go out and buy a designer purse--you are just supporting these people and their unhelpful lives. People are starving to death, designers. There should not be an art form that caters strictly to the rich, and worse, that should be really obvious to everyone.

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