Saturday, August 21, 2010

Plumbing Ghosts

The other week the plumbing in our bathroom was doing things I didn't know were possible. First the toilet clogged; that's pretty normal, and there are three guys in my house, so I wasn't too concerned yet. After some light plunging our plumbing still wasn't giving in. We didn't have any tools to help us, so we just kept on plunging away.

After several tries throughout the day the clog finally went away and our plumbing was all clear--or so we thought. As the water in the toilet finally went down, the drain in the shower started oozing up everything that had been in the toilet... What? Since this went against everything I thought I knew about plumbing I just stood there and watched it happen. After a few moments the water and gunk went back down the drain. We bleached the tub, and this has never happened again.

Whether you live in Sacramento or New York, watch out for plumbing ghosts, and the like. Seriously what was going on? I don't know if the random flooding was the weird part, or the fact that it has never happened again. I have never heard of a plumbing ghost, but I think I am going to stand by that theory for a while.

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