Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making School Buses Quieter

Buses are getting a little boring these days. Kids on school buses are getting more and more rowdy every year. What could the solution possibly be? The answer is clearly to make school buses into fun converted buses. Not only will the kids be quiet in awe of the awesome bus, but the driver will even enjoy their job more.

Making a large MCI Coach into a converted bus is the best way to make kids close their mouths for a few seconds. And if you school administrators out there don't think you can get the funding for something like that, just slap the Alphabet on one of the walls in there. BOOM, educational. Kids love learning when they don't think they are learning. Because kids are suckers.

But really if schools had giant converted buses that were entertaining as well educational, then maybe more kids would be inclined to ride the bus to school. Oh, good for the environment too? I will give the school districts around the country a few years to make this happen, after that I will write a reminder blog post about it. I only have so much patience for things like this--I am only human after all.

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