Friday, August 27, 2010

No Job for Me

Here is a list of reasons about why I could never be a chiropractor:

1. I do not like to touch people, or to be touched. That is kind of a big part of the whole job.
2. I could not sit in a room and talk with a different person every half hour all day long--I would go crazy.
3. In that same vein, I could not talk to anyone while I was simultaneously bending their head and body around in painful, yet helpful, ways.
4. I seriously would not want to touch any of those people. I just needed to reiterate how important that point is.
5. There is a lot of schooling that a chiropractor must go through. Some school I can handle, but something tells me I couldn't handle chiropractor school.
6. I don't like using the word "chiropractor" all the time... But maybe that is just because of this blog--I have kind of thrown in out there a lot on this post.

I could think of more, but I am sick of even thinking about not being a chiropractor. I am not from Gulfport or anything, but I still know a thing or two about life. Such as doing what you want and avoiding the things that bug you. That defines me just fine.

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