Thursday, August 12, 2010

Andy Martin Day of The Dentist

My friend Andy is about to start dental school. I was surprised when he was getting into this because he seems like such a normal guy. He isn't rude or obsessed with hurting people, so I have no idea why he wants to be a dentist. In school he studied French and Logic, but clearly that logic didn't help him to decide to not cause pain in people's faces.

He is already married so at least he doesn't have to try impress girls anymore. You think any dentist gets dates after they attack someone's mouth? No way. This isn't That Thing You Do!--it just doesn't happen in reality. Andy will probably be okay as a dentist, he doesn't need to be the center of a huge group of friends. And maybe he will be satisfied with his new circle of dentist friends anyway.

If he starts his own practice and has to put funny animal posters on the walls, my only request is that he uses the picture in the post below--the one with the dentist cat. That will not only make the people in his dentist chair happy, but it will also teach them a valuable lesson about flossing. Good luck, Andy--wear your new scrubs with pride.

PS. He won't be practicing in San Jose, so if you live there you're safe.

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  1. This is especially hilarious because Andy totally doesn't want to be a dentist. He just wants the free time and $ the lifestyle affords. But I second you on having that blessed dentist-cat poster.