Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Game Music

Right now I am listening to the soundtrack to the 8-bit Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game. It is changing my life--everything I do now feels optimistic and heroic. I feel like I could punch through some auto glass without even trying--and that stuff is way harder than house glass.

Seriously, everyone should go download this soundtrack--not for free or anything... But when you do get it start with the song "Another Winter"--You're welcome. We will all be punching holes in auto glass before the day is done, and the owners of the cars will be so pumped about these songs that they won't even mind. And if they do mind then we'll punch one more really fast hole and run away. Note: This soundtrack also makes people run faster. Probably.

I am reaching out to all my friends right now: Justin in Orem, Andy in Pittsburgh, somebody in Baton Rouge--The whole world. Just listening to this music is making me work faster and happier. I feel like I am having an auditory seizure, only it feels awesome. I can't promote this enough, so don't be surprised if a few more posts with this theme come out today--it is just my life right now.

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