Monday, August 16, 2010

Fix Your Potty

There are things that we can all avoid fixing in order to save money. Faulty windows? just tape them up. Leaky roof? When it rains put out a bucket. However, there are also things that need to be fixed as soon as they break. A perfect example of this is plumbing. If your plumbing breaks, guess what? Fix it right now or you will be really sad.

Every aspect of your house that uses plumbing is necessary. the sink? Where else do you plan on getting water from? This isn't the farming era where there is a communal pump outside--so get that thing fixed. You also need to shower regularly. And that toilet? Let's not even talk about that plumbing fixture--its importance is known to all, so there is no need for an explanation.

This advice is not for everyone, mostly because everyone from New York to Clinton, MD knows they should fix their plumbing when it breaks down. If this blog is really what opened your eyes to it, then maybe you should read some of the other common sense entries on here to make sure you are leading a normal life. Just fix your plumbing when it breaks and everything will be just fine.

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