Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Your Cats Pass On

There are people out there who believe that animals are as important, or more important than people are. This is why animals now have the opportunity to go to an animal hospital. The vet is no longer enough, apparently. Maybe these hospitals are reserved for things like animals cancer treatment or plastic surgery, either way it sounds like a big deal.

Also, calling something an "animal hospital" makes it sound as if there are animals working at it as well. Then I would be impressed and could maybe say that animals are equals with people. Yes, if animals can get through medical school, and finish their residencies at the animal hospital in a timely fashion, they will have my respect and admiration.

From New York to Appleton, animal hospitals are popping up all over the place. Maybe this means that animals are getting sicker, but it most likely means that rich people are buying more animals. Who else has the money to put their cat in the hospital? Cats don't even like people, so there is no reason to try and save one that has a terminal illness. You will just be healing the cat so it can ignore you for five years longer than it should have.

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