Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fake Plastic Tweens

As people progress, it is difficult to tell if we are getting smarter. One example is plastic surgeons and what comes with them. There are a vast number of people who do not partake in any kind of plastic surgery or the Beverly Hills lifestyle. Yet a large of number of people still have a personal plastic surgeon.

Something worth noting is the rhetoric used by plastic surgeons. Things like "breast enhancement" and "facial rejuvenation" are the new terms for these kinds of treatments--which both involve surgery. So why is this tricky language necessary? Does this mean that people are not always so ready for plastic surgery, and maybe they have to be talked into it? Or does it mean that plastic surgeons need more clients, and this language is directed at those who have never before considered the surgery?

If you don't toss your plastic, the streets won't be so plastic--and if you don't get plastic surgery, you won't look like a monster. They are changing the names of the procedures for a reason, and that reason might be that everyone is wary of going to a plastic surgeon. If that is the reason, then we might be able to assume that people just might be getting smarter and more conscientious.

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