Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is this real Life?

There are a lot of shady lawyers out there. However, there are some types of law that may not need to even exist. For instance a DUI Attorney seems... I don't know, unnecessary? If someone gets pulled over for drunk driving and gets a ticket, guess what? That sounds like an open and shut case.

Even when people gets regular tickets--which can definitely be unfair some of the time--they still think, "Okay maybe I was speeding." However, it takes a special kind of person to get a ticket for driving drunk and think, "What!? I'll put the system on trial!" Hey guy, you were driving drunk, and you should have gotten worse than a ticket. What are the loopholes that a DUI attorney could possibly use? "Your Honor, my client clearly loves to party, and the last time I checked this country endorsed FREEDOM. I rest my case. That'll be ten thousand dollars"

Plus if someone gets a ticket for driving drunk and has enough money to hire a DUI attorney just to fight it, they are rich enough to just pay it and shut up. If I ever get into (and out of) law school, I am going to spend my life ruining trials for people who have too much money. I don't care if I work in New York or Colorado Springs--I will not rest until the system is no longer utterly ridiculous.

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