Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clean Freak

Carpet gets dirty like you wouldn't believe. There are two ways to deal with this--one is to buy a rug that covers all of the gross parts, and the other is to hire a carpet cleaning company to come in and change your life. The easier way is to just buy the rug, but some people are just too fancy for that--deep down they will know that their house isn't really clean.

Here is a prime example: Once I was moving into a nice studio apartment. It was a hard place to get, so I was a little overly excited when I was signing the lease. This means that when the landlord said a carpet cleaning team was coming in, and I could move in once they were done, I responded, "I don't need the carpets cleaned; I want to move in NOW." Guess how many times I paid for that statement? Everyday that I lived there.

Whether you live in New York or Columbia SC, your carpets are going to get dirty. Buying a rug will do the trick, but it might not do that much for your piece of mind. Just get it deep cleaned by some carpet cleaning professionals and let them put your mind at ease.

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