Monday, August 30, 2010

New and Old Hispters

The hip kids buy nearly everything used. Actually that isn't right--ten years ago hip kids bought all of their clothing and such at thrift stores and other places that sold used clothing. Now they spent four hundred times as much buying new clothes that look used. Really great idea. Well, these kids should get back to the idea of buying used clothes; it was cool to not be rich, instead of being rich but not looking like it--these are two very different things.

In fact, not only clothes this time around. How about things like used racing tires? Buying used tires is a little too sketchy, but buying used racing tires adds a little originality to the danger, so it is okay. I grew up in California, where everyone is cool in a million different ways--and ironically, in a lot of the same ways too. Buying something like used racing tires would be enough to help someone stand out as a hip individual without forcing them to shell out tons of money for new items.

This is only wishful thinking; I know that the hipsters are so deep into buying fancy things, that they will never come back out. They will just keep working at terrible jobs and wasting all their money on clothes that don't make the man. Woo!

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