Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog 150: Daiye Spa

I have never ever been to a day spa. In fact I know so little about them, that in the movie Zoolander, when the main character spells day spa wrong, I barely even got the joke. However, I have three sisters who are all regulars at places like that. What is it about spas that attracts some people, while the rest of us don't know anything about them?

I wonder what goes on inside a day spa. I know that it has to do with wellness, beauty, relaxation, but those are pretty broad terms. I remember hearing something about a mud bath one time--do they do that at all spas or just the places that have excess dirt like in Knoxville? Also, What is mud for?

Whatever goes inside a spa makes the people coming out look happy and refreshed, so it must be good stuff. If that is the case then who am I to question what makes a spa great? Sure I may never enter one, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world shouldn't enjoy its collective day spa experience. Go forth, and give your skin the attention that it deserves. Really, go do it.

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