Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Killer Art

Yesterday my roommate took it upon himself to make a little art on our driveway using some sidewalk chalk. It looked great, but it reminded of a time when I used sidewalk chalk as a young child. My friend and I drew for hours one night, and when we came out the next day, two mice had eaten a bunch of the chalk and were dead on our creation.

Is the point of this story to show that I was scarred by art at a very young age? No way, it's to show that animals hate art, so in retaliation art acts as a kind of pest control. If you think art is going to put up with mice eating away at it on a sidewalk, think again. Art would never take that crap--It made Vincent Van Gogh cut his ear off, so a couple of mice are no big deal.

But whether you live in the South of France or Mobile AL, pest control can be a serious issue. Whether you decide to fight the critters with art or by some either means, make sure that they are dead. Unless they are cute, then they can live. Bugs? No way, kill 'em. Rats? Pretty gross. Mice? They can go either way.

Use your own discretion, and fight the good fight alongside art.

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