Friday, July 30, 2010

No Bears Allowed

The world is full of rules of etiquette and manners for every situation. Something like a fancy dinner party with numerous forks comes to mind--but what about more common applications. What if, for instance, you are on a gay chat website and don't want to appear to be an amateur to those already involved in the muscle chat scene?

Well first off, close that website. There is something wrong with sexy chatting no matter what your sexual orientation is. Oh, you want to stay? Fine.

Make sure you have plenty of muscles before you even create an account. Guess why? People like muscles. Since you are removing anything from the interaction that is actually important (personality, intelligence, background, ethics, etc.), and even removing the tangible benefits of a one-night stand, all that is left is what you, and the man on the video screen, look like. Make sure you are both as objectified as possible before continuing on. Muscled and tan? Ok, you are finally ready to gay chat and/or muscle chat.

When looking at dirty magazines or websites isn't enough, but you are still too afraid to go slumming at bars, this is the alternative for you. Straight or gay, there is a chat website out there with the types anonymous and non-connective relationships that fit your lifestyle. What an accommodating world we live in.

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